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Blu Chip Analytics provides sporting organizations with the critical information necessary not found in your traditional scouting reports. Exhaustive work goes into identifying the tactical, physical, and technical talents an individual player can bring to your club; however, these reports often fail to understand the psychological makeup of your athletes

At Blu Chip, we offer the insights you need to: 

    • Identify hidden potential within the talent already on your roster. 
    • Recognize new talent with growth potential. 
    • Align the resources necessary to minimize a player’s risk and maximize a player’s performance 
    • Develop future leaders, no matter where one’s athletic path may go.  

FitInsightsTM reports provide professional and collegiate sporting organizations objective, validated reports focused on the personality and behavioral make up of an athlete so that you can identify, recruit, develop, and retain top talent. Our products are specifically designed to support the different stakeholders in your organization invested in the growth and development of your athletes personally and professionally. 

Through our detailed FitInsights reports, coaches, academic advisors, athletic trainers, and mental health and mental performance professionals have the insights they need to provide the instruction, coaching, mentoring, and, if necessary, intervention, most appropriate for your respective players. 

FitInsights Reports

FitInsights Reports


Player Attributes

Potential Risk Factors

Social Media Feed

Interactive Notes

FitInsights PLUS

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Everything in a Basic Report and:

Personality Trait Scores

Written Psychology Summary

1 Hour Psychologist Review


FitInsights Pro


Everything in a Plus Report and:

Psychology Analysis

Action Plan



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This report provides an overview of your individual players’ character attributes, behavior risk ratings, and their social media sentiment analysis.  

The Executive Summary provides a snapshot of the player, helping you to identify untapped potential, offer targeted mentoring and coaching, and open opportunities for young athletes to demonstrate their ability to be leaders.  

FitInsights Plus

FitInsights Plus reports take a deeper look into a given athlete. Our Psychology team conducts a thorough review of a player’s profile and provides a detailed synopsis.  

 Plus reports include an athlete’s propensity in the Big Five personality traits and a detailed appendix reflecting critical information that may have played a formative role in personality/behavior development.  

FitInsights Pro

FitInsights Pro reports are your customized solution for maximizing player potential.  

The Blu Chip team works directly with your organization to build a clear action plan for a given player to truly integrate him/her into your team culture.