In the arena of collegiate and professional sports, scouts and recruiters work diligently to identify the top talent that will elevate your program. Traditional scouting knows the value of objective, validated evaluations. Great time and attention go into understanding the physical, tactical, and technical skills of an athlete. Scouts and recruiters conduct exhaustive research on countless performance metrics to identify that critical combination of skills and attributes that will positively impact a team’s performance. Blu Chip is a cutting-edge organization that aids in identifying the top talent your organization is looking for.   

Behavioral Emotional Assessment Reports

Informative Insights for Important Decisions

At Blu Chip, we take pride in the deeply collaborative relationships we've built with the coaches, managers, and advisors that work directly with athletes. We understand building a high-functioning team requires a comprehensive understanding of the tactical, technical, and physical abilities of individual players. We also know that coaches are looking for players of high character, athletes that are coachable, how they'll perform under pressure, and their ability to be leaders within the team. Understanding how different skillsets come together to create a high-performing whole is only part of the scouting process. Having the right combination of personalities is the other. Our profiles provide objective analyses of personality traits and behavior patterns, giving coaches and scouts easy-to-utilize data and information they need to best support their players. FitInsights not only compiles data, it gives it to you in a way you can understand and use.



The insights contained within FitInsights reports help navigate risks, optimize strengths, and develop untapped potential for your team.

We offer different tiers and levels of reporting based on your team’s budget and needs.

Blu Chip Analytics is the only place you can find an action plan like this. The information provided by a combination of AI software and expert analysis provides recommendations and tools to enhance players’ positive behavioral tendencies and manage potential problems.