There are many factors that make a great team member—whether it’s a player, coach, or key personnel. But one of the most important—and hardest to predict—is how they will interact with other members of your organization. This insight gives you a head-start on smoothing any potential bumps in the road before they happen.

Anything less than a positive attitude can quickly spread through a locker room and bring down the general team morale. A team that doesn’t get along doesn’t play well. Not only that, a player with off-field troubles can get themselves into a situation that both keeps them from the field as well as bringing negative attention to the organization. And a person whose attitude doesn’t align with the rest of the team will be difficult to coach.

There are many reasons an individual's personality is just as important as their athletic capabilities.

Behavioral Emotional Assessment Reports

Informative Insights for Important Decisions

Compiling members of an organization doesn’t have to be guesswork. FitInsights not only compiles data, it gives it to you in a way you can understand and use. Make informed decisions and investments with the help of a one-of-a-kind augmented intelligence-powered solution.


The insights contained within FitInsights reports help navigate risks, optimize strengths, and develop untapped potential for your team.

We offer different tiers and levels of reporting based on your team’s budget and needs.

Blu Chip Analytics is the only place you can find an action plan like this. The information provided by a combination of AI software and expert analysis provides recommendations and tools to enhance players’ positive behavioral emotional tendencies and manage potential problems.