FitInsightsTM allows you to better understand your players in order to make better informed decisions for your team and organization.  


Our tool takes develops a complete personality and behavioral report on your individual players.

With this information you can:  


  • Have better-informed recruiting picks  
  • Integrate players more efficiently into your organization  
  • Identify areas of opportunity to maximize a player’s potential  
  • Identify areas of risk in order to provide tactical resources and plans to support the development of your athlete holistically 

What is FitInsights?

FitInsights is the tool you use to access the critical information necessary to understanding your athlete.

How are FitInsights reports generated?

Our propriety technology builds a complete personality and behavior profile. FitInsightsTM reports provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the key attributes most necessary to understanding your players. These Player Attributes are informed by a complete, objective, science-based personality analysis.  

You’ll learn a player’s motivations, tendencies for certain behaviors, and identify potential risks you’ll want to mitigate. As an organization, you’ll be able to develop a more efficient, tactical strategy for onboarding your athletes, integrating them into your team culture, and provide targeted resources and support to maximize player performance.  

What is a Player Attribute?

Blu Chip was founded to be a tool that coaches, faculty, and staff could utilize to understand their players and work with them in a way that is responsive to their unique needs. To do that, we met with countless coaches, general managers, and scouts to understand what is most important to them when building their teams. From an extensive list of personality attributes, overwhelmingly team leaders ultimately want to understand a player’s leadership potential, how coachable they are, and how they respond to pressure. Knowing that team leaders have an interest in the psychology of their players, but are not themselves psychologists, we got to work translating sophisticated sport and clinical psychology into user-friendly report.  

Our reports are informed by rich data science and sophisticated AI model and driven by sport and clinical Psychology. We break down layers of complexity and sophistication to present information in a way that is helpful to the people that need it.  

We identified the qualities coaches are looking for, outlined the psychological factors and characteristics of those qualities to produce objective, data-driven reports presented in a way that you can actually understand and use.  

How do I use the information gained from FitInsightsTM reports?

Blu Chip reports are designed to be a tool for many departments within your organization to utilize in support of your athletes. We thrive in taking the intangible personality attributes of an individual and viewing them through a developmental lens. Understanding that behavioral change and growth can developed through understanding how an individual falls within a range of each personality attribute, our reports equip your team to maximize the potential of your athletes. Through awareness, coaching, and interventions, one can develop to their highest potential. 

Our reports help reduce the time it takes to get to know a player and understand his/her personality nuances. Before a player joins your organization, you’ll have a better understanding of culture fit, areas of strength, and tendencies for risky behavior. 

With FitInsightsTM reports, you’ll build healthier players and teams.  

What is the difference between “Personality” and “Behavior”?

Think of an individual like a car. Each car is different in how it looks and functions. This is due to two factors: the internal components of the car and how the driver handles the car. In this analogy, personality is the makeup of the car – the engine, tires, steering capacity, etc. The driver of that car - how that car is utilized and optimized - is the behavior of an individual.  

Our job at Blu Chip is to give you a user manual for your players (the car) and define their potential. With that information, you are equipped to coach your athletes (the driver) how to optimize these features for maximum athletic, personal, and professional performance.  

Do personality or behavior change?

In short, yes. Most research suggests personality is established and stabilizes during late adolescence and is complete by the age of 30. However, more recent findings suggest personality takes longer to stabilize (Asendorpf 2016). Studies tracking people over a longer period have indicated that personality changes as a result of maturation and experiencing major life events. For example, a well-established finding of maturation shows an increase in conscientiousness that takes place up to about 40 years old (Roberts et al. 2006; Specht et al. 2011).  

Personality will develop into stable traits which inform how an individual will behave in different situations. This allows for the ability to predict how an individual will respond in certain situations.  

Though a personality will stabilize, research also shows personality is greatly impacted by the environment of an individual. This means that individuals can learn behaviors and, through behavioral reinforcement, may continue to act in certain ways leading to a re-programming in the brain and causing a shift in personality. In this way, personality traits may change and with awareness, coaching, and intervention.  

What’s the turn-around time?

Once a player’s information has been accurately updated into the FitInsightsTM system, you will receive a FitInsights report within 36 hours

How do I use FitInsightsTM reports?

FitInsightsTM reports utilize cutting-edge technology to provide validated, science-backed psychological profiles. Traditional scouting reports provide critical information on what a player can bring to your club physically. Often missing from those reports is objective personality and behavior analyses. FitInsights provides the critical information you need to be proactive in aligning the supports your athletes need when transitioning to an unfamiliar environment to make meaningful contributions early in their tenure.  

The information found in a FitInsights reports can be used by the various departments responsible for curating your team. Consider FitInsights for better informed: 

  • Draft picks 
  • Recruiting 
  • Free Agency signings 
  • Player development for rostered players 
  • Player development for academy players, minor league players, and development leagues