Fan Focus

Where would you be without your fans? Their support is what allows you to live your dream every day. The more you understand them, the better their engagement will be.

Blu Chip Analytics uses cutting-edge technology to help businesses in the sports and entertainment industries strengthen the connection with their fans. Better connections mean increased efficiencies, market share, and revenue.

Innovative Fan Engagement

Increasing Revenue Through a Fan-Based Approach

Your fans aren’t like any others out there. They are the lifeblood of your organization and they are just as important as anyone behind the scenes. But there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint for how to connect with them. Fan engagement is what drives an organization and the more you understand this, the more you stand to benefit.

FanFocus is an innovative solution to the ever-changing question: How do I best connect with my fans? Blu Chip Analytics compiles data and insights through a suite of proprietary tools and technologies to provide thorough insights into how to best engage your fanbase. We use this information and work with your marketing team to put together a customized fan engagement program that:

  • Identifies technologies that best fit the organization’s needs and infrastructure
  • Provides meaningful data and analytics for marketing and other purposes
  • Increases efficiency, reducing costs
  • Increases revenue

Standardizing and automating your fan engagement with FanFocus offers a host of benefits:

  • Identifies existing and potential fans
  • Personalizes every aspect of the game to your fanbase
  • Improves communication with fans
  • Generates real-time fan insights
  • Customizable pre-scheduled or live fan messaging

Our AI platform gives you information you can turn into revenue. All data and analytics are provided to you on an intuitive dashboard.

Turn Fans Into Fanatics

There’s a lot of information out there. Social media, spending habits, videos—people are talking about your brand. And with the multitude of voices on the internet, it can seem impossible to sort through the chaos to find recurring themes in the dialogue.

But it’s not impossible.

FanFocus compiles all of this information as it relates directly to your organization. What are your fans saying? How do their habits change before, during, and after an event? What was their response to your last marketing campaign? The answers to these and many more questions are what you need to know to discover the most effective way to interact with your fans.

And once you crack that code, you turn current fans into fanatics while creating brand new fans.

An eagerly involved fanbase means increased revenue and more return on investment. Better information means more streamlined processes which reduce cost.

Improved engagement is the key to it all.

With so many interactions throughout every step of the process, there’s always room to improve.

  • Stadium or arena information
  • Public safety announcements
  • Ticketing and upgrades
  • Contests and promotions
  • Fan spotlights

These are just a few examples of the areas you can optimize to get the most out of every interaction.

Customized dashboards give you the data in easy-to-use templates to help you:

  • Personalize the fan experience
  • Test marketing initiatives
  • Enhance sponsor relationships
  • Reduce fan acquisition costs
  • Increase revenue Measure ROI

There’s always more you can do to strengthen the crucial bond with your fanbase. FanFocus accomplishes that goal.