Blu Chip Company Values

We Give A Sh!t

We are passionate about reaching young athletes for their betterment.


We believe results matter.


We build profiles to support students and young athletes.

We Focus On The Athlete

We do whatever it takes so that all stakeholders have the information they need to best support student athletes.


We make every effort to understand, care, help & share with a genuine servant’s attitude.

We Value Teamwork

We will support and contribute as necessary to achieve our goals.


We are on the same team –we have the same goal so we will assume good.


We Respect the diversity of opinions at the table –perspective helps us better understand ourselves, our products, and how to connect with others. Diversity of thought and background yields innovation, helps see around corners, and create a better product.


We trust that our teammates have our back.


We have fun.

We Deliver A Quality Product

We are nimble and respond to the best practices within the discipline of psychology.


We are proudly creating a NEW gold standard by bridging psychology and technology.


We’re talking about human lives –we do not cut corners.

We Take Creative Action

We have a preference for autonomy –we have clear goals and expectations and we trust our teammates’ abilities to get the job done.


We ask for support when we need it.


We recognize we are a start-up. We are nimble. We do more with less without wavering on the quality of our product.

We Value Transparency

We are open and honest about our communication. We value vulnerability. We value respect.


We know what is going on within the business and we recognize transparency does not mean democracy.


We are honest about our wins and our losses. We share what we have learned freely. We celebrate in other’s wins.


We are humble; we recognize a team effort was necessary for individual wins.


We are clear about our product. We do not oversell or misrepresent our product.

We Value Relationships

We want to work with our clients to provide the resources necessary to support for any particular athlete.


We want our clients to work with us, providing insights to enhance and improve our tools.


We build long-term trusting relationships for future endeavors to ensure success of the service we provide.


We put what’s best for the customer over what’s best for us individually –ultimately what’s best for the customer is what’s best for us! We love a referral